Free Farmhouse Printables Quilt Block Stars

Farmhouse quilt block stars. The quilt block signs that I made for my daughter Portlynn's nursery are hands down the thing I get the most questions about on my blog and on any social media! When I made them I really was just making something that I truly loved! Art that is quilt inspired because lets be real quilts are one of my top favorite things in the world!! Considering I can't quilt worth a lick it made sense to paint some quilts instead!! Now that I no longer make signs and blog full time I have gotten some hate mail that these are no longer available! while I can't virtually send you the real thing I thought a quilt block printable or three would suffice?!

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I hope you enjoyed these free printables! If you love these and want to save the idea for later while also showing your support be sure to pin the image above!! thanks so much for stopping by!

-xo Haley