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It's hard to believe we are wrapping up 2016! this year has been the year of change for me! This time last year I had just launched this blog. I was mentally preparing my self to run my sign shop and feeling less than jazzed about creating a new collection for the new year and putting in both the mental and physical energy it takes to run a successful handmade shop. I knew I wanted to close my shop and blog, but financially that didn't make sense and I knew it was going to take some hard work to get to my goal of closing my sign shop and be able to just blog.

Looking back I see the Lords hand in all the little details. I had a major God moment when I launched this blog in November of 2015. It was as if he was sitting in my living room telling me; "Haley do it. just start a blog and do it now'. While I knew without a question I would do it. I felt reluctant to start knowing I couldn't fully dedicate the time to blogging I wanted to while still running my shop. The thought of failure overwhelmed me. You see I'd blogged before with little to no success and that failed adventure is what led me to my handmade shop to begin with. Despite my fears I trusted the Lord and within a few days of that incredible prompting I launched this blog. 

Only now I can see how all the pieces of this year have fit so perfectly together to bring me to the last day of 2016 . Had I not started in November, my blog wouldn't have had the time to mature and grow to a place where closing my shop doors would have been possible this year. You see growing any business takes time, but a blog is a kind of tricky thing the time line and ingredients are hazy. I wrote very few posts the first half of the year. As suspected my shop took precedent, and while I didn't write as many posts as I wanted too, Something about the time and projects I had the time to accomplish and blog about ended up being just what I needed to get my feet off the ground. 

In June my husbands job changed he took on a new assignment that meant I had to drastically change the output of my shop, because he was not available to be my handy helper. Just like that moment I had in November, the Lord spoke to me again. This time as I sat with a mile of laundry at my Kitchen table. "Haley you're done its time to close your shop." This time I didn't hesitate I jumped up from my table and typed out the words "CLOSING SIGN SHOP" and I printed it in the boldest font I could find and I taped that bad boy to my fridge.

There was no looking back but I knew the comfort zone and the haven my shop had been would easily pull me back in if I let it. I needed to wake up and see those words every day as I finished making signs with the last of the wood that I had purchased. I worked feverishly all summer making hundreds of signs, silently knowing that each step of the process I finished would be the last time I did this.

It was cathartic. I listened to "you be fore me on audible' and painted in my garage while the AZ monsoons pelted down around me! I was nervous to share this news with my followers, and anxious for what this would mean financially. You see, at this point I'd still made next to nothing blogging and my shop income was the best it had ever been. But I had faith, and August 15th I announced my doors were closing and just 4 days later I sold my last sign. In fact as I finished the details on my very last sign, the machine I had built my business with died. Perhaps the Lord knew I'd run back to my comfort zone and so he just took that option right off the table.

This is when the magic began to happen. Faith is just that: seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. I trusted the Lord would provide a way and it wasn't until I listened and put those promptings to action that he really showed me the way. The days that followed closing my shop, things began to happen. The months of hard work and posts that had little to no traction began to catch like wildfire and wouldn't you know I made an income that was actually enough to not just take my family to dinner but purchase a months worth of groceries. The blessings have continued to pour in, and I am still in awe of how far we've come in this last year.

I think the success of this year boils down to one little action I did last January.  I think this action, ultimately guided me through the year with more success than any year previous.

I wrote down my goals. I put some whoppers down on paper that I honestly didn't think I'd achieve for years let alone in twelve months. I printed them out and I taped them to my desk where I work on every post for this blog to remind me where I was at then, and where I planned to be by the end of the year. With those lofty goals staring me down month after month the Lord heard the desires of my heart and with every passing month he lead me where I needed to go. Not only did I check each of those little goals off on that paper, I completed and surpassed each one by the end of August. 

I'd like to challenge each of you to dream big, and take those dreams one step further and put them down on paper. 

In the last couple weeks the Organization printables I created last year  have had many people asking for a new 2017 version. You better believe I have a goal sheet included in this set so once you've printed this planner and organization printable set you pull that one out first and fill full of your hopes and dreams for 2017 and then go out there and crush them! 

2017 is your year go claim it.


Before you download please remember that these are for personal use only they cannot be sold or distributed in any way. They also may not be used to create merchandise for sale either. I appreciate your cooperation on this! To download simply click the button below, once you have downloaded them to your computer open them in any "picture" of photo program you may have on your device. Simply set your personal printer settings to the "best quality" and print on regular computer paper or card-stock. They are made to fit on standard 8x10 inch Letter paper. Changing the size my minimize the quality of the design. But you are welcome to change the size at your leisure! You may also have them printed online or at an office store.

Additionally I have created 12 bible verse prints to go with each month of your planner! I hope they inspire and encourage you month after month!! 

Farmhouse Office Organization 

Additionally I have created an Office Inspiration Mood board to get you excited to get things organized for the new year! Including tons of farmhouse inspired links to bins, trays, office furniture and books to get your office in ship shape! This post contains affilate links for your convience