Activity Day Lesson- Developing Talents

I am  LDS aka "Mormon" and my "calling" or the position I hold in my church is Activity Day leader. This is a special program for girls ages 8-11 and we meet outside of our normal church activities twice a month and do a special lesson. I have been doing this calling for 2 years now and I absolutely love it!! I'm gonna seariously cry some major tears if I ever get released! I am in charge of the 8-9 year old Activity Day girls and its just such a fun age. The girls are so sweet but aren't afraid to be themselves and have fun! 

I suffer from a sever case of "Marry Pooppin's Syndrome" aka the need to be practically perfect in every way, and without fail I way over do my lessons each month! I figured if I'm already putting this much thought and effort into it I might as well share it with the other Activity Day leaders out there to use as well! 

This week we did a lesson about developing talents! I searched around on Pinterest and found this lesson from Sunshine and Melody and used her lesson plan as a guide! 

We meet at our local church in a "classroom like setting. And I began my lesson by putting this image on the Chalkboard:

I asked the girls to tell me what they thought a talent was. Then I went on to explain further. and then added this imgae to the chalkboard below the question

After we discussed the differences and similarities between these two types of talents we read aloud the Parable of the talents in the scriptures. I printed out each individual verse before the lesson and cut them out (see image below). I handed one slip to each of the girls before class began and numbered them. I try to keep them all interactive in our lessons so they all read a verse until we had finished the entire Parable from Mathew 25:14-29. I stopped a few times between verses to break things down a little simpler for the girls to understand.

We discussed the parable further after we finished and then I asked the girls to go around and tell us 2 talents that they had.  I tried to help them out if they were unsure by highlighting talents I knew they had! 

Next I picked 6 girls to come stand at the front of the class and gave them each one of the quotes below. They took turns reading them allowed and adding them to the chalkboard with 


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