Emergency Prepardness Activity Day Lesson

Today's Activity Day lesson centers around Emergency Preparedness. I often opt to "make up my own lesson" so for this lesson I marked off a Learning and Living the Gospel box  in my girls books. We have been counseled by the leaders of our church to be prepared for what is to come including obtaining a 3 month supply 72 hour kit etc. Which is why I feel like this lesson falls under "Learning and Living the Gospel" because of the counsel we have been given.

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I do a pretty formal lesson with our girls that goes as follows

Opening prayer




Clean up

Closing Prayer

This is just what works for us we have a large group of girls and keeping to this routine helps! I also have a personal testimony of  an opening hymn. The girls come into class and are so excited to see their friends the song is always a great way to bring everyone together and invite the spirit into our lessons! 

Set Up

To set the tone of lesson I made this Printable:


and placed it on the chalkboard (we meet in the primary room) and then brought my 72 hour kit and laid out its contents on the table in the front of the room with a handout written by Rachel Wood that included a list of items for 72 hour kits. I printed out enough for each girl to take one home with them. Sister Woods 72 Hour Kit list can be found HERE I let the girls come and look at the 72 hour kit as they came into class but because the activity part of our lesson took some time I didn't officially go over it. 

Here is a list of the items in my personal 72 Hour Kit:



For the lesson portion of our activity I read/summarized several Surviving The Storm LESSON


For our activity we purchased 

So that we could teach the girls to make paracord bracelets. 

Using THIS tutorial from youtube we taught the girls how to make the bracelets. I would strongly suggest having a few extra adult helpers to help the girls make their bracelets most needed to be taught in small groups of 2-3 in order to get the hang of it! 


I hope you enjoyed this Activity Day lesson! if you have any questions or comments please leave them below! thanks for stopping by!

-XO Haley