DIY Farmhouse Inspired Wood Picture Frames

Today I am going to show you how I made these here DIY wood picture frames! This is a simplified way to do it that doesn't require any special angled cuts! This would be the perfect beginner wood working project as well!!!

I made these farmhouse picture frames for my sister in law when we made over her formal living room (more on that soon!)! She had these beautiful family pictures taken but unfortunately they were formatted at sizes that were not made for standard frames! Instead of having to crop the photos themselves we just made custom frames to fit the pictures instead!! This is also a very budget friendly way to add large frames to your own home!! Frames larger than 8 x 10 inches can get pretty prices so this is the thrifty way to add large frames to your home for those most loved family photos! Or even posters to create custom art! 

Here is the supply list for this project! 

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Wood 1" x 4" x 8ft board

Wood 1" x 2" x 8ft Furring Strips


Or Screwdriver

L Shaped Bracket (4 per frame)

Square Bracket 4 (per frame)

Or Hammer


Stain (dark walnut shown)

Stain Applicator (I use an old T-shirt)

Foam Sanding Block

Protective Gloves

Large Sawtooth Hanger

Painters Tape

Once you have all of your supplies you are ready to make your frames! here is a detailed video showing you just how to do that!! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can be the first to see new tutorials and decorating videos! 


Thank you so much for watching! be sure to pin the image below if you would like to save this tutorial for later! I appreciate you guys pinning our tutorials so much!! and for more farmhouse tutorials and video click HERE!

XO Haley