Amazon-Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom Finds

Farmhouse Bathroom finds from Amazon!!!!! (said in an obnoxious sing songey voice for good measure!) You guys seem to love these posts as much as I do! I especially love them when I am dreaming up a new room reno (wink wink) I have a secret you guys! A dark green (or blue this is a debatable topic at our house) ugly secret hiding upstairs in my home!! And its my kids bathroom! I did something stupid! and that was decorate with something that was trendy instead of what I truly love... I know I know rookie mistake! It was right after we first moved into our home 4 years ago and I was on a mission to paint EVERY room something dark and bright and crazy!! SHOCKER I KNOW! I KNOW!!! I've reeled things WAY back as I've come to embrace the lighter softer color schemes OK lets be real, WHITE! White is my color scheme! But, it was our very first home ever, and I got a tad carried away in the paint department! I have amended a few of those poor choices but the dark hunter green (seriously not a bad choice in many cases I'm totally not hating on hunter green!) that I painted in the bathroom was BAD and it pretty much haunts me every time I walk past it! First world problems I know, I know!!! 

So I got to dreaming and I figured what better than a pretty mood board including some amazing farmhouse finds from amazon before I kick off the renovation of this bathroom! Or ba~no (<<that squiggle should be over the 'N' but I just couldn't make that happen so just pretend I'm not a moron!)  as we call it here in southern AZ! If you find this mood board inspiring be sure to pin the image at the bottom of this post!! In case you have an ugly bathroom that haunts you too it may make you feel just a tad bit better!! And for peets sake!!! Its so hard to write a post without emojis! 

Here is the complete list of goodies in this mood board to help you achieve this look in your own home!! 

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Source List

Industrial Shelves 

Light Blue Bathroom Vanity 

Olive Wreath 

Wood Wire Wall Mount Basket 

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink 

Industrial Wall Sconce  

Natural Fiber Rug 

Freestanding Bathtub 

Shower Curtain (no longer available  similar item) 


Soap Dispensers

White Subway Tile