Free Farmhouse Style Buffalo Check Family Printables

Today I am sharing a new set of free farmhouse style printables! These are for your home and family and can be displayed all year long! I have complied some of my favorite literary and family quotes and used a timeless buffalo check background for that signature farmhouse style! I hope you enjoy these free farmhouse style prints and I cant wait to see how you display them.

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Its been an exciting couple weeks at our home! My husband who is in law enforcement has worked nights our entire 8 years of marriage. This has been our norm and as he has shifted from swings to graveyards he has never worked days its had its challenges but its worked for our family. However some big changes have happened recently with my husband accepting a new position at work and he is now working normal hours! He wakes up at the same time as us and he goes to bed at the same time as us! I don't even really know what to do with myself!! haha

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If anything the years of him on nights has made me appreciate even more having him on the same schedule as me and the kids. So many Saturdays we spent out of the house or trying so hard to be quite while dad has tried to catch up on sleep, he has had to miss out on most weekend functions with friends and family or work longer hours so he could attend. 

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When this change came about I knew it would be amazing but I cannot tell you how muchI appreciate knowing that my husband is sound asleep in bed at 12 am instead of working a hard and often times scary job in the middle of the night! 

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Its amazing how much more you appreciate the little things when you've not been able to enjoy them!!! I have always been the type of person who makes her bed every morning, well for 8 years I have had a cute husband sleeping in bed when I would have made it. I cant tell you how giddy I am just to wake up and make my bed in the morning, and to get to actually see my husbands face instead of being sound asleep when he walks in the door at the end of the work day! 

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More than anything my kids are enjoying this transition!! Did you know that my husband is a math homework whisperer? Who know he had such talents of teaching 6 year olds how to add and subtract!? I think the thing that I love most is just being able to enjoy the close of the day as a family at the dinner table. Things I will certainly never take for granted again. 

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What things make the biggest impact on your family and life? do you too have a spouse who works weird hours or a regular 9-5? If you're in a season where it seems like you're doing it alone. I just want you to know you are certainly not alone! and the Lord willbless you for doing all that you do! He knows your heart and he knows your burdens and through him we never have to walk alone. 

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