FREE Printable Saturday- As long as I'm living my baby you'll be

Since we have shared a few "lovey " free printables you could use for Valentines Day I figured it would be nice to share one for your kids! This quote is one that is always well loved and I have sold as a sign in various designs over the years! I have since retired painting it on signs but frequently get asked to bring it back! So instead I've decided why not turn it into a free printable! ?

I am a Mom to four and being a mom has been the most wonderful /hardest thing have ever done! But also the most rewarding!! I have twin boys that are now five and it still just baffles me that my sweet little babies are 5!! like what the heck!!!?? They are lovingly referred to as my "tornado twins" because of all the wonderful mischief they regularly find themselves in!

A few weeks ago I went to tuck my boys into bed and noticed  distinct burning smell coming from upstairs. I searched high and low and could not find the culprit! Finally as I was heading back downstairs I saw the smoke coming from the light that is on the stairwell. I grabbed the ladder to peek inside and found that they had thrown a foam building block into the light fixture and it had burned a nice hole into the block. This is just one of the MANY things they have done to earn their "tornado twin" status! Regardless of their ongoing attempts to burn the house down I sure do love their tenacity for adventure! 

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