How to Make a Ruffled Farmhouse Style Pillow

Hey guys!!! I am so happy to have you here with me today as I share a brand new DIY with you! I mentioned a few weeks back how I had dusted off my sewing machine after a few years of not touching it! It has been fun to add some new simple sewing projects to my holiday home this year and these plaid ruffled pillows really set the tone for the whole house!! I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make ruffled farmhouse pillows!! Even if you are not the best seamstress in the world this project is fairly simple to execute and you'll have a home full of ruffled pillows in no time! Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Farmhouse Christmas Living Room Decor The Mountain View Cottage Spring 2017 new-4918.jpg

This entire tutorial will be shown in the video below! So if you want to make one from start to finish press play! I did however want to put in a few additional notes to help make the process easier! Firstly: I pinned the ruffles to the front piece of fabric then I carefully in pinned and re-pinned the fabric with the back pieces on top. This way you wont have pins all stuck in the middle of your pillow that are hard to take out. Lastly once you have sewn all 4 edges, cut little lines into each of the corners just along the fabric but do not cut through the seam. This will make it so the corners do not pucker. I purchased this plaid fabric from JoAnne's fall of 2017 for those asking. I will also link a full list of supplies I suggest you should use to re- create these ruffled farmhouse pillows