The Best of Free Farmhouse Style Scripture Printables

The best of Farmhouse style scripture printables! Last year I shared many free farmhouse style printables with you guys, like the ones in THIS and THIS post, but the ones that you all loved the very most hands down were the farmhouse style scripture and bible verse prints! I decided that it would make sense to round them all up into a single post so that you can access these free scripture printables in one place! 

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2017 was a year of growth for our family, we added our sweet Hudson at the very end of November after a challenging pregnancy and NICU stay you can read about that HERE and HERE. Admittedly 2017  was a year where I felt lost in my faith. I am a LDS member of the Mormon church, and I have been my whole life. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and have always taken for granted that a testimony came easy for me. The past few years I found that easy testimony more difficult and while I always believed my conviction and excitement about the gospel really wavered and I knew that I needed to do the simple every day things to strengthen my testimony.

Easier said than done if you yourself are in the middle of a faith slump. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I watched as my husbands faith grew in ways I had never seen before last year. I sat in bed every night as he diligently read his scriptures, and knelt down to pray. I watched and knowingly didn't participate. I just could do it. I was in a funky head space and while I deeply admired the devotion he displayed and really appreciated his growth in his faith and testimony, I felt like I was traveling in the complete opposite direction.

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There was no catalyst to this feeling or my actions to not read or pray. It has been a couple years of feeling like I'm just going through the motions and not really developing my testimony or creating a personal relationship with my heavenly father.  I regularly attended church participated in so many church programs and lead my kids in daily prayers etc. but I just didn't feel connected to the spirit in my own peronal prayer and scripture studies. 

I was honestly waiting to feel the desire to pray, and read my scriptures on my own, and it just never came. As we rang in the new year I knew I needed to make a change. I want to be an example to my children of Christ like love and have the gospel of Christ fill our home. But how can I ever achieve that if I am not doing even the basic things to promote the spirit to be with me?

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It should be no surprise to anyone that that desire was not going to just magically happen one day. I had to just start regardless of that not being what I "wanted" to do. Its only been a few weeks but I have finally cracked open my scriptures. I found that a sincere prayer to feel the spirit and hear Gods words prior to reading is what has made all the difference for me as I study my scriptures at night. 

Just one sincere scripture reading session was all I needed to feel that fire ignite and feel ready to actively participate and read my scriptures and say meaningful heartfelt prayers daily on my own. 

These verses are some of the ones that have the most meaning to me. I know what It feels like to look at an Instagram account or even just a friends personal Facebook page and feel like "man they really have it all together" to feel so inadequate and to be in a funky spot with your faith. Just doing that simple step of opening my scriptures and making the effort to try regardless of not really wanting too, has made all the difference. 

I surely have more studying and praying and action to put forward as I climb out of this weird space I've been in for so long. But I just wanted to share this with you in case you too are feeling the same discouragement and reluctance in your own lives. I am human just like the rest of you and I too struggle. I feel encouraged to be fighting my way out of this hard spot and know I am never alone as I go through these experiences. 

Here's to 2018 being filled with spiritual growth and reigniting my love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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